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Online Bill Pay

Pay Your Bills Anywhere at Anytime with Online Bill Pay

Spend more time doing what you want and less time worrying about if that check is going to make it on time. Valley's Online Bill Pay gives you a secure, easy-to-use system to send payments to virtually anyone.

Online Bill Pay Demo

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  • All payees are accessible from one list - see them all on the same page at the same time.
  • Set up reminder emails regarding payments and notices.
  • Pay bills from more than one of your accounts.
  • Convenient calendar feature to view current and future payments already set up in Bill Pay.
  • Transfer money to and from your accounts at other institutions.
  • Make electronic payments to friends, family members and more.

If Online Bill Pay sounds like a great way to make paying your monthly bills easier, then make sure you have access to Online Banking and sign up for Online Bill Pay today. Questions? Call us at 503.364.7999 or visit with our Member Service team.