What Our Current Members Are Saying


“Valley CU has treated my family and I with great care. I refer all my staff to open accounts with Valley. Thank you for your service.” - Ron


“Valley Credit Union was so awesome with their assistance in getting me into a new car. Absolutely the smoothest car purchase in my history. Steve Uchida, the car broker took care of all the dealer details and those can be trying!! Teri did a fantastic job for me on the financing! Thank you” - Summer


“Steve was great! It was really fast and easy. I had a car secured on the same day! Carla was great too! Just a couple signatures and I was done!” - Emily


“Carolyn and Steve made my new car buying experience incredibly stress free and fast.” - Mike


“I like having Valley CU handle all of my financial needs. We’re buying our residence with a loan through Valley. We have both our checking and savings, and can always trust on friendly customer service here.” - Rich


“What a great service oriented credit union who really reaches out to its members to bring value. Having purchased the car on a weekend, when Valley Credit Union is closed I financed with an out of town bank. Carla called me Monday and offered a “better” interest rate. Really appreciate it!” - Nathan


“My experience opening an account at Valley Credit Union was exceptional!! Traci Powers was wonderful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Thank You!” - Paula


When I got my car loan at Valley, I was offered Gap Insurance. After it was explained to me, I went ahead and signed up for it. After a year, my daughter was driving my car and was in an accident. She was ok, but my car was totaled by my insurance company. When I let Valley know what had happened, they reminded me that I had gap insurance and assured me that all would be ok. They knew I was worried about the loan since the cars current market value was lower than what I owed. Gap insurance saved me from continuing to pay on a loan for a car I no longer had. I will always sign up for Gap Insurance when purchasing a vehicle. It is such a relief knowing I have it and the cost is so cheap!! Plus, I received $1000 pay back from my Gap Insurance!!!! I love it!!! - Nikki


“I love the fact that I can transfer my money from one account to another by just a phone call. Especially, if that is the only transaction I need to do.” - Carol