Value Added Services in Salem, Oregon

At Valley Credit Union, we offer banking products such as checking and savings accounts. We’re also proud to give our community in Salem, Oregon, value added services such as the ability to skip-a-payment, additional insurance for your assets, a dept protection program, and auto consulting services to help you pick out a car. Here’s a look at these services and how you can use them.

Skip a Loan Payment

In lots of ways, life has become more expensive than ever. Many families juggle bills, and some expenses take priority over others. For instance, it’s critical to keep a roof over your head and to pay the rent or mortgage each month. However, we do understand that, sometimes, all the juggling and budgeting in the world may not make the numbers line up the way you need, even for critical bills.

That is a major reason we offer the ability to skip a payment for those eligible. Some of the loans we offer the ability to skip are:

  • Personal loans
  • Vehicle loans
  • Lines of credit
  • MasterCard credit cards

There are separate forms powered by DocuSign for single and joint borrowers. Skip your payment here.

Plan Ahead to Reduce Debts

We have a credit union debt calculator to help you figure out if debt consolidation is right for your situation. Fill in various data on your different debts. For instance, under installment loans, you can input multiple auto loans, their interest rates, the payment amount and how many payments you have left. There are also fields for educational loans, RV loans and credit card debt.

Next, type in the terms of a consolidation loan. You can plug in changing numbers or use what you have found from a prospective loan. Either way, include values for the following:

  • Interest rate
  • Upfront costs
  • How many months the loan is for
  • Loan type (home equity or personal)
  • Savings rate
  • Your income tax rate
  • Points

Also, indicate whether you want closing costs included in the loan total. A glossary below the calculator explains any terms that may be confusing.

If you’re not comparing an existing loan offer, play around with the values on the credit union debt calculator until you arrive at a consolidation loan amount that should lower your monthly payments.

Calculate the Total Cost of a Loan

With our credit union loan calculator, you get a more accurate idea of the total cost of a loan. Input information such as the loan amount, monthly payment, interest rate and loan term in months. Graphs will show how your balance changes over time. You’ll likely pay a lot of interest at first. Calculate your cost here.

Get Help When Buying a Car

What do you hate most about shopping around for a car? Perhaps it’s the tedium of testing car after car, or maybe it is the salespeople who don’t seem to listen well. All that can change now. We’ve teamed up with Auto Mentors to streamline and improve the process of purchasing a car. Pricing is upfront and straightforward, and you can choose among new and used vehicles. This service also includes:

  • Trade-in evaluations
  • A searchable online inventory of cars
  • A personal shopper if needed (fill out this form to get in touch)
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Financing coordination (you can get preapproved for an auto loan through us at Valley Credit Union)
  • Initial research

Get started with our auto consulting services today.

Protect Your Assets with Insurance

Valley Credit Union members may qualify for discounts and special savings with our insurance partner TruStage. From health and auto to property insurance, learn more about our insurance services here.

Debt Protection Program

Valley is proud to offer debt protection services for loans up to $100,000. Our program covers 5 life events along with Disability and Life coverage. Learn more about our debt protection here, or contact our Members Service Counselors at 503-364-7999.

Get in Touch

If you have questions, getting in touch is easy. Contact us today or give us a call to speak with one of our Member Service Counselors. Or you can visit our Salem, OR branch location in person.