Valley Credit Union provides our members with many resources to assist them in getting the most from their money and protect their assets. These are just a few of the resources our members have access to:

BALANCE — Financial Wellness

We know you have financial goals for you and your family. Whether your goal is to buy a new home, send your kids to college, or just finally take your dream vacation, we can help you make it happen. That's why we offer the services of BALANCE, a company specializing in financial education and counseling. With Valley Credit Union and BALANCE on your side, you will be ready to tackle life's most significant financial issues, like:

  • Creating a workable budget
  • Dealing with debt or bankruptcy
  • Planning for retirement
  • Understanding personal finances
  • And much more

Fraud and Consumer Financial Alerts

Consumer fraud and identity theft is a major crime which isn't going away. In 2018, Americans were swindled out of almost one and a half-billion dollars. Don't let yourself become another victim. Be proactive by making fraud protection part of your everyday life. We can help you to:

  • Protect yourself from card skimming. Technology is fantastic when it is used responsibly, but when it is in the wrong hands, it can be downright dangerous. Credit card skimming is a growing problem. Learn what to do to reduce your chances of having your credit card information stolen.
  • Keep hackers out of your private accounts. It seems like every month, the media reports another major data breach. While you can do little to prevent hackers from infiltrating corporate computer networks, you can help safeguard your personal accounts by following our tips.
  • Hang up on phone scams. Despite the decline of landlines, scammers are still up to their old tricks with telephone-based fraud. Whether the fraudster pretends to be from the IRS, the police, or even your credit card company, never give them personal information or access to your devices. Find out what to do the next time a fraudster calls you.
  • Flush phishing attempts. Online phishing is getting extremely sophisticated, and it is easy to fall for a well-designed scam, but there are always clues that something isn't right. Find out what they are, and keep your private information private!

Auto Consulting Service

Valley Credit Union has teamed up with Auto Mentors to make finding the car you want, at a price you can afford as streamlined as possible. No longer will you have to endlessly search for deals online only to be disappointed at the dealership. The car experts at Auto Mentors will do all the dirty work of finding the vehicle and negotiating with the seller. All you have to do is show up, sign the car loan, and pick up your keys!

Financial Tools and Resources

Valley Credit Union is always looking out for you, and that is why we want you to know about these outstanding opportunities to save money and get smarter about your finances:

  • TruStage. Get the insurance you need without breaking the bank with TruStage. TruStage offers a range of different insurance products you can trust for every stage of your life. Whether you need life, auto, property, or health insurance, TruStage has you covered. TruStage has been helping members of credit unions save on their insurance for over 80 years. Over 20 million satisfied customers give TruStage excellent ratings when it comes to value and customer service.
  • Your credit score matters. Keep track of it at This website allows you to request a free credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion once every year. Make getting your credit report part of your annual financial check-up.
  • Oregon Department of Justice. It is a shame, but charity scams are increasing each year. Before you donate to a new charity, make sure they are legit by visiting the Oregon Department of Justice website. Visitors to the website can also find information concerning consumer complaints and current known scams in the state.

Lost or Stolen Credit Card Reporting

At least once in your life, you will know the sheer panic of realizing that your credit card is missing. No matter if someone swiped it or you just left it behind at the restaurant, you need to take action immediately to avoid a potential financial disaster. If you lose your Valley Credit Union MasterCard or Debit card, contact the credit union directly at (503) 364-7999 or (800) 273-6962 during regular business hours. If it is after hours, call (833)-221-8632 for assistance.