At Valley Credit Union, we want to make membership easy, convenient and rewarding. We also want to ensure that you can find what you need here on our site—including all of our credit union publications. Here you will find the various documents that we have published for members like you, including applications, forms, disclosures and annual reports.

Whether you need to apply for a credit card, research the terms of various agreements with your credit union, or are seeking transparency about how we operate, you can find documents to assist you right here.

Of course, if you cannot find what you need, or you require clarification about one of our publications or credit union documents, you can always reach out to our team. We will be happy to communicate with you in person, by mail, telephone, or email.

Applications & Forms

On our applications & forms page, you will find the various credit union applications and credit union forms that our members most commonly need. While you can always come by a branch to get one of these forms, we put them up here on our site so that you can easily download and print them at home or at another location.

Included here you will find the application for our Valley Credit Card, the credit card we recommend for our members through the credit union. You can also find an application to request skipping a payment. Although we do not recommend skipping a payment unless absolutely necessary, we do know that life can be unpredictable. Using this application, you can request the option to skip a payment so that you can get much-needed breathing room when necessary.

Here you can also find forms for ATM and check card overdraft opt-in and corporate charitable contributions requests.

Our applications and forms include:

  • Valley Credit Card Application
  • Skip a Payment Application
  • ATM and Check Card Overdraft Opt-In Form


As your credit union, we offer a wide variety of financial tools to facilitate your personal financial needs and your small business needs. It is important that the agreements we make and that you make regarding finances are clearly worded and legally sound to protect all parties. As part of our effort to ensure transparency and clear communication, we publish disclosure documents for our various offerings, including membership agreements, credit card agreements, privacy policies and more.

On the disclosures page, you can find documents for all of our various credit union disclosures. Since they are legal documents, they can be dense reading and may require careful examination to understand. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these documents, you can contact our team for clarification. We are here to answer your questions and help you understand what each disclosure means to you.

Our disclosures include:

  • Membership & Account Agreement
  • Funds Availability Policy Disclosure
  • Certificate Accounts Rate & Fee Schedule
  • Share Accounts Rate & Fee Schedule
  • Jumbo Share Certificates Rate & Fee Schedule
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement & Disclosure
  • Truth in Savings Share & Checking Account Disclosure
  • Truth in Savings Certificate Account Disclosure
  • Fee Schedule & Disclosure
  • MasterCard Credit Card Agreement
  • Consumer Loan Disclosure
  • NCUA Share Insurance
  • Privacy Policy Notice

Annual Reports

Our credit union produces an annual report each year to explain everything that we did financially, including protecting your interests, safeguarding your assets, protecting your funds, complying with regulations, policies and procedures, and the reliability of our financial records. We hire outside, independent accounting firms to conduct a full evaluation of the credit union on an annual basis, and we present those findings here for you to look over.

The annual reports we produce are important because they ensure that the management of your credit union adheres to GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles. These principles serve as guides to develop a credit union that you can rely on year in and year out—one that will stand up to the various challenges that can come up as a part of operating a financial institution. An independent audit lets you know that your credit union is financially sound and that it is using adequate financial controls—and because it is conducted by an independent organization, you can more easily rely on the findings.

Our annual credit union reports include:

  • Annual Report 2018
  • Annual Report 2017
  • Annual Report 2016
  • Annual Report 2015
  • Annual Report 2014

Contact Us for More Information

We want you to know that your credit union team is here to help with all your financial needs. Whether you are interested in a checking and savings account, financial instruments, loans, credit cards, or other financial tools, you can find the help you need right here. And because we are part of the community and invested in it, you know that we truly care about improving the lives of our members.

When you contact us, you get to speak to a real person—someone who knows you by name, not as a number. We strive to treat you how you want to be treated. Once you are a member at Valley Credit Union, you are always a member.

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