Ronald R McCall II

“Valley CU has treated my family and I with great care. I refer all my staff to open accounts with Valley. Thank you for your service.” - Ronald R McCall II, 42

Summer Dardis

“Valley Credit Union was so awesome with their assistance in getting me into a new car. Absolutely the smoothest car purchase in my history. Steve Uchida, the car broker took care of all the dealer details and those can be trying!! Teri did a fantastic job for me on the financing! Thank you” - Summer Dardis, 50

Emily Hoover

“Steve was great! It was really fast and easy. I had a car secured on the same day! Carla was great too! Just a couple signatures and I was done!” - Emily Hoover, 23

Mike Williams

“Carolyn and Steve made my new car buying experience incredibly stress free and fast.” - Mike Williams, 34

Rich Stanislawski

“I like having Valley CU handle all of my financial needs. We’re buying our residence with a loan through Valley. We have both our checking and savings, and can always trust on friendly customer service here.” - Rich Stanislawski, 65

Nathan Herigstad

“What a great service oriented credit union who really reaches out to its members to bring value. Having purchased the car on a weekend, when Valley Credit Union is closed I financed with an out of town bank. Carla called me Monday and offered a “better” interest rate. Really appreciate it!” - Nathan Herigstad, 60

Paula C. Gonzalez

“My experience opening an account at Valley Credit Union was exceptional!! Traci Powers was wonderful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Thank You!” - Paula C. Gonzalez, 43

Nikki Bennett

When I got my car loan at Valley, I was offered Gap Insurance. After it was explained to me, I went ahead and signed up for it. After a year, my daughter was driving my car and was in an accident. She was ok, but my car was totaled by my insurance company. When I let Valley know what had happened, they reminded me that I had gap insurance and assured me that all would be ok. They knew I was worried about the loan since the cars current market value was lower than what I owed. Gap insurance saved me from continuing to pay on a loan for a car I no longer had. I will always sign up for Gap Insurance when purchasing a vehicle. It is such a relief knowing I have it and the cost is so cheap!! Plus, I received $1000 pay back from my Gap Insurance!!!! I love it!!! - Nikki Bennett, 43

Carol Kreshon

“I love the fact that I can transfer my money from one account to another by just a phone call. Especially, if that is the only transaction I need to do.” - Carol Kreshon, 74

Mary and Chuck Lucas

“When we founded CrossWalk, we knew we wanted to honor God and give every dollar we raise to our cause; we also knew we couldn't do this alone. Very early on, we met with Jean and her staff for an informal "chat" session so we could explain who we are, what we want to do, our thoughts about making it happen, etc. At the end of our meeting, Jean looked at us with complete and utter calm and said, "Mary, we've got this. Don't worry about a thing." Boy, did they ever! After two events and over $22,340 donated, we have come to believe that Jean and her team at Valley Credit were handpicked by God. Simply put, CrossWalk wouldn't exist but for the wisdom and talents of Jean and her crew at Valley Credit Union. We are members for life!!!”

What Do Valley CU Members Say?